Founded by former Vice President Gore in 2005, The Climate Reality Project (formerly the Alliance for Climate Protection) is a non-profit organization devoted to solving the climate crisis. Through grassroots leadership training, global media events, digital communications, and issue campaigns, Climate Reality works to spread the truth and raise awareness about the climate crisis. Today, Vice President Gore serves as chairman and works with the organization to promote awareness of the ongoing dangers posed by global warming pollution and solutions to climate change.

The Climate Reality ProjectFormer Vice President Al Gore sits down Premier Kathleen Wynne at the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Toronto, Ontario to discuss the important role activism plays in solving the climate crisis, July 2015. (Image courtesy of the Climate Reality Project)

To promote global action, Climate Reality brings millions of people together to demand their leaders embrace solutions to the climate crisis. From the ranks of thousands of Climate Reality Leaders to professional skiers and snowboarders who joined the I AM PROSNOW campaign, to thousands of young people around the world who lent their voices to Why? Why Not?, to the hundreds of thousands of Americans who demanded stronger carbon regulations from the EPA, Climate Reality is dedicated to supporting climate action around the world.