As a Solar/Energy Consultant and Certified HERS (Home Energy Residential System) Rater, Before I Calculate How Many Solar Panels We Can Fit On My Client's Roof  I Start With How Can I Help Them To Reduce Their Energy Use. From Simple Things As A Light Bulb To More Complex Things Like Refrigerator Electric Consumption or Other Mechanical Equipment At Home. For Example, Some Old Refrigerator Use Energy In One Year More Than Cost Of A New One. Light Bulbs Is Another One, In New York, Every 10 Bulb Saves $100 Or More a Year, That is Savings of 200% In The First Year.
As You Can See, It is One Thing To Come And Just Putting Panels On Your Roof Or Do It The Right Way And Consider All Situations In Mind.
My Clients Will Get This Service For Free Even After The Solar Is Installed. If You Are Looking To Get Solar, Make Sure You Do These Measurements and Consider Your Usage After Energy Assessments, Or Call Me To Help You