As an Energy Consultant for almost a decade, The most question homeowners asked me is Solar right fit for my home. My Answer is different to many situations 

1- Are you planning to expand the House?
2- How many people Live at home? are they leaving soon or any newcomers?
3- Is your home evaluated for Energy Efficiency (Energy Audit) 
4- buying or leasing is right for you
5- What happens when I sell my house?
Look for my answers and explanations for these five questions in details in my upcoming blogs

If you are thinking to add a dormer or expand out, then you need to look into, if any of the solar panels would be on the roof of the dormer or developed areas. Computer-generated animation can help to determine how much electricity needed for the new space. 
Bottom line this is the part of a consultation that I provide to my customer. Solar is not for everyone, and I make sure it is a right fit to any of my customers

Is your home evaluated for Energy Efficiency (Energy Audit)

As a Solar/Energy Consultant and Certified HERS (Home Energy Residential System) Rater, Before I Calculate How Many Solar Panels We Can Fit On My Client's Roof  I Start With How Can I Help Them To Reduce Their Energy Use. From Simple Things As A Light Bulb To More Complex Things Like Refrigerator Electric Consumption or Other Mechanical Equipment At Home. For Example, Some Old Refrigerator Use Energy In One Year More Than Cost Of A New One. Light Bulbs Is Another One, In New York, Every 10 Bulb Saves $100 Or More a Year, That is Savings of 200% In The First Year.
As You Can See, It is One Thing To Come And Just Putting Panels On Your Roof Or Do It The Right Way And Consider All Situations In Mind.
My Clients Will Get This Service For Free Even After The Solar Is Installed. 

buying or leasing is right for you

This is a question that you need to decide for yourself, but I will give you the facts, then you can make your conclusions. First, Do you pay taxes? Taxes are very Important because of the discount of 30% from federal is attached to the tax you pay. If you are retired, or self-employed and you do not pay or many federal taxes then buying is not for you, the ROI(Return On Investment) would be over 15 to 20 years. Second, how long you want to live in your house; The national average is seven to ten years. If you buy the average ROI is 8 to 10 years. Another relevant issue is maintenance which with Lease will come with the system with Guarantee production. The one thing that is very attractive with purchase is No more electric bill for a life of the solar which is 25 to 30 years. Ohhhhh Babby!!!!

What happens when I sell my house?

What happens when I sell my house, is one of the most questions I get to answer when I meet new clients. The answer is so simple, and almost all the time I get the same reaction from everyone when they hear the answer. First of all,  You will attract the buyers who are looking for a house with the pool, and no one will come to ask to take the pool out, or they know they have to pay for the removal. Second, Who wants to spend more for power? Bottom line, you attract people who are looking for the house with solar and homebuyers who get to understand houses with solar uses less money for utilities, therefore, they can afford more on the mortgage. Solar can sell the house faster and happier