If You Live in PSEG Long Island Area Every Light Bulb (60W) You Change To LED Bulb You Will Save more than $10 A Year. This Is Pure Mathematic Calculation Not Speculation And Here It is The Proof.

60W Bulb Using Average of 2.5 hours a Day ( National average is 3 hours a day) is Calculated As Follows:

60W Is 0.06 KWH X 2.5Hours =0.15 X 365( 1 Year) = 54.75 KHW and an average PSEG electric charge at present time is 0.21c So 54.75 X 0.21 =  $11.49 per Year 

Price of one LED bulb is less than $5 So 10 bulb is over a $100 and 20 Bulbs is Over $200 And So On