If you’re Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who spearheaded the electric vehicle and battery maker’s RECENT ACQUISITION of rooftop solar company SolarCity, it’s pretty obvious how you’re voting. However, the introduction of the Powerwall 2 storage system did more than present a vision of the future of Tesla; it also introduced battery storage into the public zeitgeist.

Of course, there are many other energy storage and solar companies out there ready to assist consumers in switching to clean energy, but the public’s growing awareness that solar can save them money – and that pairing it with storage can help them break away from the utility grid – comes at an interesting time. In the current environment, myriad utilities seem to be positioning themselves in a staunch “con” position when it comes to incentivizing solar power – coincidentally, the exact same incentives that Musk’s SolarCity and many more solar providers rely on to maintain their business models.